Thursday, May 31, 2012

Your chance to quiz the top people in the consumer rights movement

CI’s Head of Communications, Luke Upchurch, on what to expect from the CI President’s Webinar

CI’s very first President’s Webinar – which I will be hosting on 7 June at 12:30 GMT – is a unique opportunity for CI member organisations, and the public at large, to put questions to those at the very top of the global consumer rights movement.

To coincide with our Annual General Meeting and the launch of our new Your Rights, Our Mission: Strategy 2015 materials, we’re seeking to meet our objective of using web technologies to strengthen relations with our members.

But more than that, I see this as a genuine chance to hold the CI President and Director General to account for the future direction of our international movement.

It’s the chance for all to hear why we are focusing our advocacy efforts on areas such as Financial Services, Food, and Consumers in the Digital Age;what we plan to do to promote Consumer Justice and Protection around the world; and how we hope to empower our members so that they can perform as more effective organisations.

It is also the opportunity to ask the tough questions too. These are austere times for many non-profit organisations, and, like others, CI has to make tough decisions about where to focus limited resources – decisions that should rightfully raise questions and answers.

The webinar is an open opportunity to explore all these areas, and more. I’ll be putting a selection of your questions to CI President Jim Guest and CI’s DG Helen McCallum, so please email Webinar@consint.orgto register with us and secure your place.

If you want to pose a question, you can do this when you register, during the Webinar itself, on our Facebook event page, or via twitter at @Consumers_intusing #CI2015. We’ll try and touch on as many of your issues as we can.

I do hope you will join us.

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